Shell-encrusted boxing gloves punch hard at the viscera, simultaneously eliciting speculations on the bloody bone of Black American, African, and Louisiana Creole cultural histories.

Although Covid-19 has left us wary of touch, life is returning to the streets, hungry for the fruits of community.

  by Julia Couzens Conceivably, the preeminent sense of Joachim Bandau’s deeply affecting watercolor paintings is blunt force silence.  Their grave and resonant quiet embraces stillness.  Water, paper, a single pigment and Japanese brush are the components Bandau uses to construct his work.  Without texture, visible brushwork, or compositional fillips and inventions, his paintings are […]

In this time of Zoom and Instagram, it’s as if we are flying above our own lives, bodiless viewers scanning bodiless things. Photogenic as their work is, seen in real life, Amos’s dazzling textile fabrications and Marsh’s mesmerizing vessels are primal entities — embodiments of energy, cracking live and urgent – formed by the internal relationships of their innovative processes and the imperiled region of material awe.

   Amalia Galdona Broche transforms fiber into shape-shifting woven figurative sculpture that is, by turns, Gothic, primordial, and shamanistic.  Her arsenal of fabrication methods is protean. She twists, knots, weaves, binds, wraps, and pins textiles, both found and constructed, into narratives of metamorphosis, erotic possibility, and spiritual quests. Born in Cuba, Galdona Broche’s childhood was […]