Amalia Galdona Broche transforms fiber into shape-shifting woven figurative sculpture that is, by turns, Gothic, primordial, and shamanistic.  Her arsenal of fabrication methods is protean. She twists, knots, weaves, binds, wraps, and pins textiles, both found and constructed, into narratives of metamorphosis, erotic possibility, and spiritual quests. Born in Cuba, Galdona Broche’s childhood was […]

I am mostly at sea in the studio, adrift in reverie on good days, awash in doubt on the bad.  But forty years of working has taught me that moves come from failure and from the work I make while waiting in the wings.

With clay and glaze, Miles reminds us that we are sensate, animal beings in a physical world.  We don’t just look at his sculptures. We use them.  In our bending and stooping and peeking, we fit ourselves into his corpulent, bristling forms, discovering how art communicates.

  Markus Linnenbrink: Little Journeys and Cosmic Buckshot by Julia Couzens    In the Studio: The Making of HELLOIMYOURNEWTREE Markus Linnenbrink’s dazzlingly seductive work functions like painting, but it isn’t.  Working with epoxy resin, wooden supports, pigment, and a router mobilized by two joysticks, Linnenbrink constructs objects that examine both painting and sculpture.  He […]

Dialogue and criticism are integral to a vibrant arts community. With this view, I’ve invited Julia Couzens to write and edit posts about exhibitions and artists exhibiting at PSG. I’m excited and honored she has agreed to launch this experimental project – stay tuned!!! JULIA COUZENS is an artist who also writes about contemporary art. […]

Written by Julia Couzens Crusty, clotted, stacked, stamped, skewered and pinched, the ceramic art of Tony Marsh, Nancy Selvin, and Linda Sormin demonstrates clay’s power to defy expectations, to pick apart genre hierarchies, and to vehemently advocate for sensual exuberance. As a repository of touch, clay is unparalleled. As a medium for excavating social constructs, […]