Take a carnal plunge in celebration of  Pride Month

PATRICIA SWEETOW GALLERY is pleased to present a limited series of unique, rapturous JOHN PAUL MORABITO Jacquard Tapestries!


Cloth, paper, and my body were thrown to the floor as I made each tactile drawing, crawling on my hands and knees, eroticizing the sacred by drawing in the very embodiment it disavows.

Erotic suffering has written the aesthetic landscape of Catholic sensibility. The severity of this divine carnality defines Catholic Imagination, inviting an aesthetic pilgrimage that I realize through image, matter, and sensuality. With the Frottage tapestries, I manifest this incarnational sensibility through embodied abstraction and coded, queer abstraction. Frottage has two meanings; compositions and images made by rubbing surfaces, and the sexual act of two bodies rubbing against one another.      – JPM



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