Shell-encrusted boxing gloves punch hard at the viscera, simultaneously eliciting speculations on the bloody bone of Black American, African, and Louisiana Creole cultural histories.

MAY 12, 2023 by Maria Porges Ramekon O’Arwisters’ career as a sculptor has been characterized from the start by fearless and authentic experimentation with materials. These have included the textiles familiar from his childhood, followed by broken shards of glass and ceramic discovered during an artist’s residency at San Francisco’s Recology/Waste Management. He has since […]

All That Glitters The Transformative Portraiture of Jamie Vasta by William Moreno | Mar 7, 2023 One of my favorite paintings is a portrait of myself at the age of five or so, composed by my father. Along with my siblings’ pictures and beyond the sentimentality, these portraits have become distinctive family emblems and historical markers, wrought at a […]