Over the course of three years I worked on a series of hand woven and repeatedly burned textiles. My work has since taken on a new direction but the burned textiles laid the ground work in moving me toward a performance-based making practice.

The inauguration of the formerly SF-based gallery’s new LA location, features work by Lien Truong, Linda Sormin, and Luis A. Sahagun — three artists whose practices are immersed in complex visual and political American histories.

    To new and long treasured friends, we’re looking forward to meeting and greeting you in Los Angeles! PATRICIA SWEETOW GALLERY is honored to announce our new location at 1700 So. Santa Fe Avenue, #351, Downtown Los Angeles. We’re excited to be in the company of such luminaries as Vielmetter Los Angeles, Nicodim Gallery […]

January 21, 2018 by Press Features   A Search for Identity See Amalia Galdona Broche’s sculpture in WTP Vol. VI #1   “The Search for Identity series started by looking back over my childhood, among the decaying infrastructure of a Cuba frozen in a revolution long past, to understand how my generation came to its present form. But my generalized sociopolitical […]

Fierce and Fantastical Experiments in Ceramics:  the ceramics-focused Earth Oracles is a garden of earthly delights, with sumptuous glazes and a mastery of the medium on proud display. By Sarah Rose Sharp | June 12, 2022   TORONTO — When ceramic artists place their hands in clay, they are echoing an expressive gesture that has been with […]