We are pleased to announce Ramekon O’Arwisters featured in Collective Arising: The Insistence of Black Bay Area Artists at the Museum of Sonoma County, curated by Ashara Ekundayo and Lucia Olubunmi R. Momoh

“The most impressive work in the show is Linda Sormin’s gargantuan agglomeration of tangled clay tubes, numerous video screens of varying size, a section of a spiral staircase, a dragon head used in Chinese festival dances, and detritus, arcing through the air within and around a zigzag metal framework.”

“Truong believes that artists are multidisciplinary by default. She impresses this upon her students and makes it particularly evident in her work. She combs through historic archives and delves into the Western art historical canon, unafraid to bring ideologies such as Manifest Destiny or Abstract Expressionism into her fold.”

The scale of this work is defiantly human, reflecting the artist’s stated desire to make a world without resorting to the easy grandiosity of immense canvases.