Installation View: Inaugural Exhibition Lien Truong, Linda Sormin & Luis A. Sahagun

Lien Truong | The Crone | 2022 | oil, silk, acrylic on canvas | 72 x 72 inches  (185.76 cm x 185.76 cm)

Lien Truong | Mothera | 2022 | oil, silk, acrylic on canvas | 72 x 72 inches  (185.76 cm x 185.76 cm)

Lien Truong | The Maiden | 2022 | oil, silk, acrylic on canvas | 72 x 72 inches  (185.76 cm x 185.76 cm)

Lien Truong | Cạo Gió Màu Vàng | 2022 | oil, silk, acrylic on canvas | 72 x 84 inches  (185.76 cm x 216.72 cm)

Lien TruongPatsy Takemoto Mink ain’t afraid of the Dark / 2019 / oil, silk, acrylic, gold pigment, vintage silk mourning obi cloth on canvas / 72 x 60 inches  (185.76 cm x 154.8 cm)

Lien Truong / Cornucopia / 2019 / oil, silk, acrylic, bronze pigment, 19th century American cotton on canvas / 72 x 60 inches  (185.76 cm x 154.8 cm)


This is the raw video file of the Linda Sormin/Lien Truong artist conversation at the Patricia Sweetow Gallery during the Inaugural Exhibition on September 10, 2022. The good news is you can view 2 brilliant artists unfiltered. The down side is the video is pretty rough, although I’ve cleaned up the audio to the extent possible. In the coming weeks there will be a second edited version of the talk, which will be posted when complete. Components for the edited version still have to be produced – stay tuned…

PATRICIA SWEETOW GALLERY is excited to announce our Inaugural Exhibition in Los Angeles at 1700 South Santa Fe Avenue, 3rd Floor, with artists Lien Truong, North Carolina; Linda Sormin, New York and Luis A. Sahagun, California. The three artists in this exhibition offer practices immersed in complex visual and political American histories. They share personal, spiritual and cultural stories of migration during war, economic collapse and colonization. Their journeys come alive through a mélange of performative sculpture and painting, amplified by their respective interrogations of ancestral, racial, gender and ritual erasure.


Lien Truong’s Zoom Event in conjunction with Where the Heart is, Palo Alto Center for the Arts.

Join Deputy Director Heather Wilson as she interviews Lien Truong via Zoom about her work The Peril of Angel’s Breath, which will be in CAM’s upcoming exhibition She Persists. Lien Truong’s practice examines social, cultural, and political history, exploring the influences that form belief systems and notions of heritage.


The North Carolina Museum of Art – Lien Truong on Historical Influences

Lien Truong discusses how global histories and personal experiences have shaped her painting process.


Fragmenting historic paintings, art, film and the gaming industry, Lien Truong’s mixed media paintings inform “our collective notions of heritage.”

The narrative of Role Playing Games, with virtual landscapes reminiscent of mythologized American manifest destiny, coupled with default white male avatars, become the backdrop and critique of Lien Truong’s paintings. Researching and reading RPG theory from a feminist, queer and multiracial perspective, Truong weaponizes her paintings to challenge the perpetuated culture of violence, inverting the romanticized RPG space and its domination of women and POC.

Aware of the religious and cultural ideologies associated with painting, her work tests the hybridity and historic hierarchies of painting techniques, materials and philosophies from the “West” and Asia. She subverts color and values, staging a background layered with singed panels of painted floating silk and carefully blended gestures of oil paint, amidst interpretations of historic textile patterns and hegemonic iconography. Creating a powerful fictive of female authority, with significant icons such as Patsy Matsu Takemoto Mink, the first non-white, and first Asian American woman elected to congress, and Anna May Wong, an exoticized and eroticized silent-era film star, Truong presents female protagonists who become forceful real-life counterpoints to the fictionalized bravado of the RPG.

Lien Truong is an Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She graduated with a BFA in 1999 from Humboldt State University and an MFA from Mills College, Oakland in 2001. Her work has been included in exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery; North Carolina Museum of Art; Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas; the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow; Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA; Nha San Collective, Hanoi, Vietnam; Art Hong Kong; S.E.A. Focus, Singapore; and Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA. She is the recipient of several awards including the Whitton Fellowship, and fellowships from the Institute for the Arts & Humanities and the North Carolina Arts Council. Residencies include the Oakland Museum of California and the Marble House Project, Vermont. Her work has been reviewed in ArtAsiaPacific; The San Francisco Chronicle; Houston Chronicle; Oakland Tribune; New American Paintings; and ART iT Japan. Her work is in several public collections including the Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by Women at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (USA), DC Collection (Disaphol Chansiri, Chiang Mai, Thailand), North Carolina Museum of Art (USA), the Weatherspoon Art Museum (USA), and the Post Vidai and  Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Vietnam).