Announcing our new location: Los Angeles!



To new and long treasured friends, we’re looking forward to meeting and greeting you in Los Angeles!

PATRICIA SWEETOW GALLERY is honored to announce our new location at 1700 So. Santa Fe Avenue, #351, Downtown Los Angeles. We’re excited to be in the company of such luminaries as Vielmetter Los Angeles, Nicodim Gallery Los Angeles, Gavlak Gallery, and Wilding Cran Gallery, along with fashion designers and renowned photographers.

Our program will continue exploring the multifaceted traditions of craft, upending expectations, decolonizing structures and institutions, breaching personal boundaries, while dissolving the chasm between Hi and Lo art. We’ve previewed a few of those Upcoming Exhibitions Here.

Our Inaugural Exhibition is scheduled the first and second Saturday in September.

The Los Angeles visual and performing arts communities are extraordinary. I’m excited to learn, participate and become involved in this vibrant fabric as time unfolds. As I delve into my new surroundings I’d like to extend a personal invitation – please visit us on the 3rd floor during the month of August as we organize and test drive the space during our “Soft Landing.” No guarantee what you’ll find, but seeing you will be a bright spot!!


Looking Forward!!