Joachim Bandau was just over thirty years old when he began to forge the body of sculptures and drawings that marks a distinctive phase in his early practice. In 1967, he had begun the creation of his amorphous, vaguely humanoid sculptures built up from mannequin segments in combination with then-new industrial materials, and already by 1974, he announced the abrupt end of this production in order to move into a different direction.

we experience works by artists examining the mechanisms of gadgets, scientific instruments, and computer technologies to reveal the internal and external systems that help shape society

Jefferson Pinder’s work provokes commentary about race and struggle. Focusing primarily with neon, found objects, and video, Pinder investigates identity through the most dynamic circumstances and materials.

    Studio View   Do you think art matters during a crisis? I believe art plays a critical role in society. In times of crisis even more so. Particularly when the crisis is microscopic with massive, life altering consequences. We see the disastrous and terrifying results of this disease and the only advisable action, […]

    Tracy King (neice); Arlene Lovett (sister); Cornelia Schulz   Art matters in a time of crisis, for the connection to the energy and spirit of creativity is a vital life force, not just for culture but for civilization itself.     Art Toronto 2019   The arts bind us to the lineage of cultures past […]

  Toshiaki Noda – (Link to a small body of ceramic sculpture completed a few months ago)   I believe art always matters to us regardless of the time in which we live. It matters even when we are in a crisis like this. I believe there are more important things in our daily lives that […]

    We’re all deeply concerned how this crisis is affecting so many lives, loved ones and communities throughout the world. I’ve tried many times to find words to express something meaningful, only to find with each attempt I come up woefully bankrupt. Maybe it’s because what I want to say, all the comfort I […]