Untitled Art Miami Beach: Five Galleries That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

November 30th

by Lisa Morales

Featured images: Untitled Art Exterior View; Untitled Art VIP Preview. All images courtesy of Lisa Morales.

Miami Art Week is back and commenced with a VIP preview of Untitled Art Miami Beach. Gallerists were eager to greet a crowd of art lovers after a missed year of in-person art fairs due to COVID. South Beach too was abuzz with beachgoers and sidewalk cafes now filled with people from around the globe after travel opened on November 8th. However, today at Untitled Art, the love of art filled the warm, sea breeze air. As you navigate through the sun-filled tent situated on the sand, here are five galleries that will stop you in your tracks. The fair will be on view at Ocean Drive and 12th Street until December 4th, 2021.


Bertrand Productions (Philadelphia)

Artist Stacey Lee Webber’s embroidered money series at Bertrand Productions‘ booth are fascinating. The Uncut Sheets series is a continued exploration of the narratives formed from her Insurrection Bill collection.  The hand stitched embroidery forms an imagined narrative which recontextualizes historic icons found on uncut sheets of American paper money. Joseph Leroux presents a new series of paintings which uses about 100 layers of urethane spray paint to depict large crowd scenes.


Over the Influence (Los Angeles and Hong Kong)

A definite showstopper at Over the Influence is Hermès Blouse 2020 by Andy Dixon made from acrylic and oil stick on canvas with glazed ceramic buttons on wood. Dixon explores themes of decadence, patronage, and the relationship between art and wealth.