Jefferson Pinder: Fire and Movement

Jefferson Pinder: Fire and Movement
July 11, 2019

“Jefferson Pinder’s Fire and Movement takes its inspiration from the 1917 Camp Logan Uprising, also referred to as ‘the Houston Riot’ or ‘Camp Logan Mutiny.’

Fire and Movement will take place on July 11, 2019 beginning at 7:00 pm, featuring Pinder and a group of performers who will embark on foot on a four-mile journey across the city that retraces the path of the soldiers’ movements according to transcripts and archival maps. Their journey will begin near the intersection of Detering Street and Washington Avenue, which is in the area of the original location of the 24th Infantry’s camp and was once a predominantly African American community that is currently affected by rising gentrification and cultural displacement.

Through a series of drills and stylized movements using period-specific rifles, the group will maneuver their way from Washington Ave. onto Dallas St. and into the 4th Ward, concluding with a performance inside the African American Library at the Gregory School, 1300 Victor Street, at approximately 9:30 pm.”

The African American Library at the Gregory School

1300 Victor Street

Houston, , 77019 Texas,

(832) 393-1440