Carrie Lederer: Musing on the Force of Nature: Vistas and Tableaux


CARRIE LEDERER / Portal I / 2017 / acrylic on found object / 7 x 3 inches (18.06 cm x 7.74 cm)

CARRIE LEDERER / Orbiting Garden Planets I / 2017
/ acrylic on canvas
/ 48 x 48 inches (123.84 cm x 123.84 cm)

CARRIE LEDERER / Above and Below / 2017 / acrylic on cigar box /  9 x 14.5 inches

CARRIE LEDERER / Nature’s Poem / 2017 / acrylic on cigar box /  8.5 x 12 inches

CARRIE LEDERER / Cosmic (Chrysanthemum) / 2015 / acrylic on cigar box /  8.5 x 13 inches

CARRIE LEDERER / Tangle in the Garden / 2017 / acrylic on wood /  8 x 8 inches

CARRIE LEDERER / Small World / 2016-7 / acrylic on canvas /  16 x 16 inches

CARRIE LEDERER / Wondrous Strange / 2015 / acrylic on wood panels /  36 x 24 inches (92.88 cm x 61.92 cm)

CARRIE LEDERER / Cosmic (Chrysanthemum) / 2017 / acrylic on cigar box /  8.5 x 13 inches

Press Release

Carrie Lederer: Musing on the Force of Nature: Vistas and Tableaux – paintings, sculpture

Exhibition Dates: November 4 – December 16, 2017.


For over twenty years Carrie Lederer has been making work that relates to forms found in nature, alongside our relationship to the natural world. Filled with a Byzantine intricacy of patterns, shapes, and constellations, her paintings and sculpture depict turbulent gardens informed by nature’s riotous colorful beauty, and the deep dark space of our universe.

Lederer’s paintings and sculpture are a response to the wonderments of fractals, a complex geometric figure made up of patterns that repeat itself. She’s drawn to nature’s infinite capacity to create and reproduce pattern, “At first glance fractals seem to be a tangle of order/disorder or violence/beauty – they tell the story of wild transformations in nature taking place on a daily basis, giving order to a chaotic world of energy, they serve both as a source of imagery and inspiration for my creative practice.”

Carrie Lederer lives and works in Oakland, California. Exhibitions include Mills College Art Museum, Oakland; San Jose Museum of Art; the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art; diRosa Art, Napa, and Turtle Bay Museum, Redding. She is a recipient of the prestigious Fleishhacker Foundation Eureka Award