Jane Harris – Paso Doble


Jane Harris / Paso Doble / 2006 / oil on canvas / 30 x 34 inches

The oil paintings of British artist Jane Harris are a dazzling collision of  brushed geometric shape floating on a ground of contrasted color, the collision of formal construct and sensuous indulgence. The elliptical shape is meticulously brushed with a continuous vertical or horizontal stroke until the entire ellipse is saturated with a single rich hue. Surrounding the ellipse is a scalloped edge of sinuous brushwork, which upon inspection defies a beginning or ending mark. In a Harris painting light becomes the catalyst which activates the metallic paint, shifting the ellipse into undulating mollusks in a sea of color. The background color also has a defined brush direction, also painted wet on wet, with no less than five layers of oil. Jane Harris selects a palette based on the impressions of observed phenomena: a car passing, colors in a sign, an advertisement. The five paintings in the exhibition derive from “catching a glimpse of the metallic flash of two cars driving past each other.”


Jane Harris has taught at Goldsmiths College, London since 1992. Recent exhibitions include the Aldrich Contemporary Museum, Ridgefield, Connecticut; Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, UK; Hales Gallery, London; Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles; and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York. Collections include Arthur Andersen Art Collection; Arts Council of England, Hayward Gallery; Birmingham Museum, UK; The Boise Collection, University of London; Brighton University; LAAC Musee des Beaux Arts, France. Recent reviews and articles include Modern Painters; The Independent, London; Contemporary Magazine, UK; International Herald Tribune, UK.

Paso Doble is held in a private collection