Laura Corallo-Titus


Intallation View of Assembled / 2018

Laura Corallo-Titus / Kansas / 2018 / oil, acrylic on canvas / 72 x 60 inches

Laura Corallo-Titus / Chronology / 2018 / oil, acrylic on canvas / 48 x 72 inches

Laura Corallo-Titus / Big Sky / 2018 / oil, acrylic on canvas / 60 x 84 inches

Laura Corallo-Titus / Sequential / 2016 / oil, acrylic on canvas / 72 x 60 inches


The smooth surface of Laura Corallo-Titus paintings bring the viewer into an expanse filled with floating flora, colorful geometric shapes, and haloes of light. While the imagery suggests regeneration through sun and water, the breezy atmosphere of the paintings speak of serene order. Sanded and subtly brushed her muted surface belie her labored process of working.

Laura Corallo-Titus received her MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 1990, followed by solo and group exhibitions nationally. In 2004 she began working in seclusion, while raising two sons. Her recent paintings celebrate her re- emergence and ongoing growth as a painter.



October 2, 2018
Wall Street International
October 2, 2018