Chandra Cerrito & Patricia Sweetow Gallery have coordinated events: CCC – July 15 – 2:00-3:30 Artist talk with Brian Caraway and Mitras Fabian, Moderated by Cathy Kimball, Executive Director of San Jose ICA PSG – July 15 – 2:00-5:00 Intimate Abstractions: Ceramic Invitational Reception CCC – August 5 – 4:00-5:00 Conversation with Artist August Muth […]

By Craig Nakano The explicit nudes in needlepoint, the erotica rendered on a quilted duvet cover, the expletive-laden hooked rugs, the remarkably detailed (and anatomically accurate) knitted sculpture of body parts — the sheer subversive glee of these works may delight or disgust, depending on your point of view. But keep turning the pages of the […]

Intimate Abstractions: Ceramic Invitational Exhibition Dates: July 13 – August 19, 2017 Reception Date: Saturday, July 15,  2 – 5 pm In Conversation: Amy Owen & Nancy Selvin – Saturday, August 5th, 2:30 p.m. Patricia Sweetow Gallery presents Intimate Abstractions: Ceramic Invitational, curated by California College of the Arts Professor Nancy Selvin. Selvin, invited emerging artist’s […]

Markus Linnenbrink @ Patricia Sweetow David M. Roth posted 13 June 2017 Few painters working today generate as much retinal excitement as Markus Linnenbrink.  With epoxy resin-on-panel paintings, multi-layered sculptures, Op-ish stripe paintings, and interior walls coated in drip-laced, wobbly stripes, the Germany-born Brooklyn artist asserts the primacy of optical sensation. With his instantly recognizable […]

JEFFERSON PINDER RECEIVES THE 2017 GUGGENHEIM FELLOWSHIP Jefferson Pinder’s work provokes commentary about race and struggle. Focusing primarily with neon, found objects, and video, Pinder investigates identity through the most dynamic circumstances and materials. Through his meditative exploration of light and sound, or his intensely grueling corporeal performances, he delves into conversations about race. His […]

Jefferson Pinder at the Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa Exhibition through June 4th From the release of Jefferson Pinder and the Figge Art Museum: There is so much work to be done outside of the big cities. I was approached by the Figge Museum two years ago to envision a project in which members of […]

Art Historian & Curator John Zarobell talks about the exhibition of Adia Millett; Frederick Hayes; Weston Teruya. Art Historian John Zarobell is Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Director of International Studies at the University of San Francisco. Formerly, he held the positions of assistant curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and associate curator at […]

“Queer Threads” symposium weaves together art and community April 18, 2017 “When my grandma let me change the fabrics of her quilt, I had this epiphany that I could be safe there – and that it was something I could be included in. So instead of being angry about the system, I started to think […]

Gestural Abstraction in the Information Age David Pagel, art critic Los Angeles Times In terms of materials, Markus Linnenbrink’s paintings could not be much simpler. Wood, pigment and epoxy resin are the only elements that make up every one of the visually resplendent abstractions the artist has made over the last twenty years. None of […]

BY DYLAN ANSLOW MARCH 31, 2017 Artists create art and community at the dump A halting music box tune creaks out as a birdcage packed with pottery shards spins on a video screen. The forlorn melody doesn’t damper the spirits of the crowd gathered around a table heaped with reclaimed fabric scraps. Artist Ramekon O’Arwisters presides over […]