The PatriciaSweetow Galleryis pleased to welcome British artist Jane Harris in her first soloexhibition at PSG - along with Bay Area artist Weston Teruya who also debut's inhis first solo exhibition. Exhibition dates are  October 31 -  December 16, 2006. The artists' reception is Thursday,November 2, 5:30 7:30 p.m.


Engrailed, invecked: it would be easierto talk about Jane Harris's painting if we all knew the language of heraldry,and especially the names that heraldry give to various kinds of edge.

                                                                                    Tom Lubbock, TheIndependent, May 2, 2005


The oil paintings of Jane Harris are a dazzalingcollision of  brushed geometriicshape floating on a ground of contrasted color, the collision of formalconstruct and sensous indulgence. The elliptical shape is meticulously brushedwith a continuous vertical or horizontal stroke until the entire ellipse issaturated with a single rich hue. Surrounding the ellipse is a scalloped edgeof sinuous brushwork, which upon inspection defiies a beginning or ending mark.In a Harris painting light becomes the catalyst which activates the metallicpaint, shifting the ellipse into undulating mollusks in a sea of color. Thebackgound color also has a defined brush direction, also painted wet on wet,with no less than 5 layers of oil. Jane Harris selects a pallette based on theimpressions of observed phenomena, a car passing, colors in a sign, an advertisement.The 5 paintings in this exhibition derive from "catching a glimpse of themetallic flash of two cars driving past each other".


Jane Harris has taught at GoldsmithsCollege, London since 1992. Recent exhibitions include the Aldrich ContemporaryMuseum, Ridgefield, Ct.; Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, UK; Hales Gallery,London; Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.Collections include Arthur Andersen Art Collection; Arts Council of England,Haywared Gallery; Birmingham Museum, UK; The Boise Collection, University ofLondon; Brighton University; LAAC Musee des Beaux Arts, France. Recent reviewsand articles include Modern Painters; The Independent, London; ContemporaryMagazine, UK; International Herald Tribune, UK.


WestonTeruyadrawings are the crevassed psychological space of nightmares. His beauty formsunbalanced columnar symbols, chaotically poised for collapse. The surface ofTeruya's drawings are sourced from his own drawings, cut and collaged in a newcomposition. The reconfiguration of symbols interacts to create unexpected newmeanings. His ideas were drawn from the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall nested inthe midst of Los Amigos Golf Course, where Weston worked with juveniles indetention for various offenses. Teruya observed that the protected status of ajuvenile population is in direct contrast to the invisibility of this samepopulation to public oversight. Teruya's drawings describe the issues of power,invisibility, and protection.


"Iam interested in collecting and collapsing the signals and objects ofexclusion, separation and leisure. These images typically define and reinforce spaces of privilege throughthe creation of sites of control. The work is a speculative exercise of sorts.  I am particularly interested in suggesting new fictiveconfigurations which imagine new social possibilities or frustrate presentpolitical realities."


WestonTeruyareceived his MFA from California College of the Arts in 2006. He is in hissecond year of the Visual Criticism program at CCA to be completed in 2007. Hehas received the Murphy-Cadogan Fellowship Award from the San FranciscoFoundation, and the Yesland Prize Exhibit Award from Magic Theatre, SanFrancisco. His work was recently reviewed in Art Forum, Critic's Picks, SanFrancisco Bay Guardian, Artweek, and San Francisco Weekly. Teruya has a soloexhibition scheduled at PSG Oct/Nov 2006.


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